Founded In 2014, Franklin Bioscience Is A Holding Company In The Legal Cannabis Industry

About Franklin BioScience

Our objective is to address inconsistencies in THC dosing by providing consumers with extremely consistent, high quality, pharmaceutical grade products.

We grow carefully curated strains, infuse, formulate, produce, and package products on site to strictly control the production process. Vertical integration is one of the key components that puts Franklin BioScience at the forefront of the cannabis industry.




We will continue to develop best-in-class standard operating procedures, testing methodologies, manufacturing practices and agricultural practices.



We differentiate with market leading R&D to introduce the most compelling and attractive products within the markets we serve.



We will lead and set the bar for quality and professionalism. We owe this to the millions of patients, and our communities.


"Even though oral consumption lacks the harmful by-products of smoking, difficult dose titration can result in overdosing or under dosing... Of 75 products purchased (47 different brands), 17% were accurately labeled, 23% were underlabeled, and 60% were overlabeled with respect to THC content. "

Journal of the American Medical Association, June 2015

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