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Lawyer parramatta are licensed professionals who can assist you with legal proceedings and other matters. They have years of education and training to help you understand and navigate the complex Australian legal system. They can handle a variety of cases including criminal, family and employment law. Some lawyers specialize in certain areas of law, others are general practitioners. Lawyers can be referred to as solicitors, barristers, or judges depending on their qualifications and experience.More info

From Consultation to Courtroom: What to Expect from a Parramatta Lawyer

Prenuptial agreements are a great way to set out in advance how assets and debt will be divided in the event of a relationship breakdown. We can assist you in drafting a legally sound agreement that reflects your intentions. Consent orders are a way for parents to draft an arrangement for the care and custody of their children. We can assist you in drafting a detailed, child-focused order that outlines the arrangements you and your partner wish to implement. Expert determination is a method in which an impartial expert on a dispute hears arguments from both parties and makes a final binding decision on the issue. We can help you to apply for this type of dispute resolution in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court of Australia.