About Online Insurance Courses for CAIB

The CAIB exam is required to enter the insurance industry in Canada. It consists of one practice exam and the Ethics, Awareness, Culture for Insurance (EAC4I) exam specific to Canada. Many brokers choose candidates with a CAIB designation over those without a designation simply because it shows that the candidate is well educated in the complexities of insurance and is committed to their career.

Preparing for your provincial licensing exams requires more than just a textbook and some self-study, it demands a learning method that will be effective for the 21st century. ILScorp offers a unique option to prepare for your insurance license exams that blends the best of classroom instruction with the flexibility and convenience of online learning. More info courses.pnclearning.com/

Our online CAIB courses are designed for maximum learner retention, combining the dynamic instruction of instructor Todd Hochban with the ease and flexibility of a digital format. Our CAIB courses are available 24/7, allowing learners to access their material from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, at their own pace. They are easy to navigate, with video clips, clear text, practice exercises and quizzes.

Top Online Insurance Courses for CAIB Certification

For those pursuing a career in aviation finance, our online CAIB course can provide the insights and understanding needed to structure deals that align with clients’ risk management goals. It is also ideal for those who have a passion for aviation and want to deepen their knowledge of the aviation insurance market.