A phone number validation API is a valuable tool for maintaining an accurate customer database and fighting fraud. It helps eliminate incorrect, disconnected or fake numbers from leads and keeps sales teams focused on quality leads rather than waste time and money on spamming invalid phone numbers.

What is the phone number validation service or API?

Real-time lookups with full coverage of international country codes. Validates both mobile and landline numbers by combining number format validation and handset status detection into one API call. Identifies prepaid lines for improved contactability and prioritizes the best leads. Use a phone number validation tool that offers carrier intelligence and line type detection to prevent fraud by verifying whether or not a number is legitimate, disconnected or temporary.

Keep leads clean and fight fraud with a phone validation API that validates new and existing numbers in real-time. Performs live network queries and database comparisons to identify errors, including country code mismatches, digit mismatches, and missing information like area codes and zip codes. This phone number verification API identifies and corrects inaccuracies before sending messages or calling the number to ensure that your message reaches the intended user.

This is a robust API that supports a variety of uses cases and offers free trial with up to 250 API requests, then provides a pay-as-you-go plan. It supports 240 countries and is capable of checking multiple types of inaccuracies, including the length of the phone number, local dialing format, location, carrier and line type.