OnePlus’s first foray into the wearable market is a promising effort that delivers in many key ways. It’s reliable, has two days of battery life and sports a host of fitness and smart features. However, it also falls short in a few crucial areas and isn’t right for iPhone users.

It runs on a customized version of best smartwatch for oneplus  Wear that isn’t as functional as what you’ll find on competing devices like the Fossil Smartwatch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch and the Apple Watch Series 8. This means that it doesn’t have a dedicated app store, can’t download third-party watch faces and doesn’t support phone notifications. It’s a shame because OnePlus is trying to offer a great smartwatch that competes well against the more expensive offerings on the market.

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The OnePlus Watch does all the standard smartwatch stuff. It will alert you to calls and texts and you can answer those from the device. It will monitor your heart rate and SpO2 while sleeping, track your workouts and help you meet fitness goals. It will also display your goal progress on the screen. Fitness tracking is pretty standard with steps, calorie counts and active minutes being logged.

The OnePlus Health app (available for download on Android phones) will store your data and is managed in accordance with the company’s privacy policy. Using the OnePlus app will also sync workouts to Google Maps so that you can see your route and compare your performance over time. Sleep tracking is a bit of a mess, though. It often overestimates how long I slept each night. OnePlus says a fix is coming in mid-April.