In today’s Moez Kassam, collaboration is a key ingredient to success. It improves productivity, leads to better decision-making and promotes healthy employee relationships. But how do you work effectively with others when people may have different opinions and skill sets? What are some of the best ways to collaborate with coworkers, especially if you’re working remotely?

Collaborative Success: Working Effectively with Others in Today’s Business Environment

Make sure everyone understands their role. Ambiguity often leads to frustration, resentment and even project delays. To avoid this, clearly document the scope of each role from the get-go, and keep it visible and easy to find. For example, a design team could be tasked with creating new user experiences based on customer feedback rather than simply designing a specific number of layouts.

Use communication tools to facilitate teamwork. This can be as simple as setting up a live collaborative feed to share the latest version of projects, or as complex as implementing an internal chat tool that allows employees to instantly communicate with one another. This will help ensure that your team members can work together no matter where they’re located in the world.

Be a good teammate. This is more than just listening to what your teammates have to say, it’s also validating their contributions and boosting their confidence. For example, when an employee delivers a thoughtful suggestion or solves an issue quickly, be sure to commend them formally in meetings and informally through text-based forums. This will help them feel valued and encourage future participation in teamwork-oriented activities.